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Company overview & Highlights

Rosabul is a family run business and a trusted partner in providing only natural raw materials with sustainable quality to other businesses around the world. The company is specialised in the production of Rose Damascena raw materials, as well as all other herbs and spices typical to the Bulgarian region. Started in 1993 with three generations of history, Rosabul is the first private company in the country to produce essential oils. With its large capacity distillation and extraction located in the village of Chernozhemen, we are able to provide full range of raw material products – essential oils, concretes, absolutes and floral waters. To provide full control over the production process from the planting of the roses to the packaging of the products, the company is looking after its own rose gardens of 140 hectares located only 10 kilometres away. Following the best manufacturing practices and relying on our expertise we are able to provide pure and high quality raw materials for the flavour and fragrance industry.





Built in 1993 in the village of Chernozhemen, our distillery has nine vessels each of them with a volume of 10 cubic meters. The process of distillation is done through cohobation (secondary distillation) and is certified for the production of organic essential oils.





In 1998 extraction facility was built next to the distillery. It has 8 vessels each of them with a volume of 3,2 cubic meters. It is using a still method of processing which is ensuring the excellent quality of the concrete and the high content of absolute.



The rose


In 1998 the company started to create its own rose gardens in order to be able to provide sustainable high quality products. Now we have 140 hectares of rose plantations located 10 kilometers from the production base and we are able to control each step from the planting of the flowers to the packing of the raw materials.